About Us

pele – shining windows.
he’s number 1 in windows cleaning in israel.window-Clean

Marvel gives his customers a cleaning and polishing windows professional and reliable .
Fully maintaining the cleanliness of the house and belongings. (Read our responsibility)

The company’s vision is to instill awareness of the Israeli public service at the highest and most professional.

Examples of windows cleaning:

IMG_0353 IMG_0439 IMG_0337

The following pictures illustrate the level of cleanliness windows wonder at your disposal Gallery contains a variety of examples.

Cleaning windows towards the balcony
Cleaning windows with gorgeous views

The level of cleanliness and high brilliance can be achieved using high-quality materials, knowledge and years of experience in general cleaning and polishing windows in particular.

Want to see your windows shiny for a long time? Contact us today 052-6181199

General Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is a task that many people do not like or can’t make it happen at home, over the years one of the most difficult things in the maintenance of the house is take out the windows in order to clean them thoroughly, many housewives are not interested or able to clean the windows themselves and do so along because of this they need to order an expert in windows cleaning , and that’s what we do best!.

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